Modular Intuitive Design's mission is to help clients improve corporate development by implementing dynamic intuitive platforms that enhance business strategic planning.  Modular supports the redevelopment of corporate infrastructure by providing thorough and comprehensive intuitive analysis designed to help business leaders promulgate goals, market and develop products and services, promote positive decision making, and formulate business plans with progressive solutions that go beyond the normal scope of direction.   Intuitive consulting supports clients in promoting cultural awareness, art, music, creative endeavors, policy management through the implementation of pragmatic and innovative action that coordinates and expands corporate mission and vision.  Creating a smarter, results-oriented business plan means understanding the intuitive edge that helps companies stay interconnected in order to compete in the global marketplace and navigate trends. 

Louisa Mastro, CEO and founder, is a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach and is featured on the Top 20 Directory for Life Coaches in New York.  Louisa is also a clinical hypnotherapist, ncertified educator and certified intuitive consultant.  She has been featured on television and is recognized in the nationally renowned publication Careers from the Kitchen Table by CBS talk show host Raven Blair Davis and Making Marriage a Success: Advice from Experts Across the Nation.  She is also a renown artist having been profiled in L'Idea Magazine Online.   Clients can also gain access to progressive intuitive analysis through our leading edge 24-hour monthly program.



Enjoy leading edge intuitive consulting designed to promote personal goals and business strategies.  Enter a new modular world today.

BUSINESS coaching

Intuitive Consulting is used by professionals for personal empowerment and by major Fortune 500 companies to create products and services that enhance productivity.