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Enjoy leading edge intuitive consulting programs designed to bridge the gap between higher awareness and the modular business environment.   Schedule comprehensive programs focused on personal and business strategic planning, product development, art and design, problem solving and cultural leadership.

Einstein's famous equation E = mc2 was derived by utilizing an intuitive thought process that shattered the quantum world.   



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Name Description Price
Intuitive Consulting Private or Business Consultation 60-minute program.  Cost: $500 per hour

Intuitive Consulting Private or Business Consultation  30-minute program.  Cost: $300  
Space and Architectural Energy Clearing Realign energy in your business or personal space. $700 starting 
Media and Communications Treatments, Film, Radio, Television, Promotionals, Scripts. (royalties apply) Call for Rates
Monthly Programs - Fusion Program Enjoy 24- hour access to intuitive consulting for personal development and wellness coaching.  5,000  
Monthly Programs - Advanced Performance Enjoy 24-hour access to intuitve consulting and energy medicine for extended business expansion and platform development. 10,000   
Monthly Programs -
Extreme Emergence
This exclusive program invites corporations to experience 24-hour energy medicine and intuitive consulting for extended project management and access to worldwide entrepreneuralship. 20,000   
Corporate Training Introduction to Intuitive Development Call for Rates



    Louisa Mastro

    CEO / President

    Modular Intuitive Communications Worldwide

    Phone:  (718) 981-2259  /  (347) 662-0865


    Worldwide online services.  In-person programs in New York City, Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Prices subject to change without variable notice and traveling fees may apply.  No refunds for services, newsletters, programs, monthly services offered.



 Intuitive leadership and energy medicine are for entertainment purposes only and
should not replace licensed business credentials.